SchoolManager, the key to accommodation management.

Whether your school offers family housing, hotels or halls of residence SchoolManager can handle your resources and needs.

Booking Booking could not be any easier as you have an overview of all accommodation and rooms. You can search for room availability based on preferences such as: grade, location, diets, etc.,. When find the right match and create the booking a confirmation is automatically created to be sent to the host.

Host Login Your hosting partners can access their account in SchoolManager and see their bookings, print out student details. Hosts can even block rooms at times when they are unavailable to your school.

Booking Confirmations   Once a booking has been made confirmation letters are created instantly to be printed out, emailed or viewed online.

Alerts The dashboard alerts will keep you up-to-date on students needing accommodation and contracts with hosts about to expire or needing to be reviewed.

Key Facts

  1. Search by preferences
  2. Hosts can Login
  3. Booking confirmations sent
  4. Alerts over non-booked items

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