SchoolManager Features

SchoolManager is a fully Internet-based school administration system with a user-friendly interface. The system can only be accessed by authorised users and can be utilised by any number of people simultaneously from anywhere at anytime. School users have their own workspace in which they are notified of their tasks. This ensures that they are offered optimum support in their daily business, while no tasks are forgotten. Students have their own log-ins which takes them to pre-determined pages showing all of the information relevant to their studies or, in the case of Agents their students and their finances. Accommodation hosts can also see their bookings, finance and guest details.

The features and ways of using SchoolManager are almost limitless but in the list on the left we have highlighted some of the most popular.

Key Facts

  1. Available anytime and anyplace.
  2. Savings in cost and time.
  3. Data security.
  4. Optimized business processes.
  5. Integration of business partners.
  6. To-Do lists for staff.

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