The finance items in SchoolManager have been created to easily record payments, give discounts and give you maximum information with the minimum of work on your part.

Easy to use price and commission lists.

When booking items you can choose from various price lists which you can create based on currency, region etc., There are pre set discounts for agents which you can easily over-ride if you wish.

Easily record and allocate payments.

Allocating payments is easy and requires just a few steps. Select the invoice that has been paid, post the incoming payment and payment method – and the process is complete. Payments can be fully or partially allocated according to rules set by you. Clicking on a payment shows which invoices that receipt has been allocated to. Filter payments by date and download them in Excel format. With receipt numbers, dates, and taxes broken down for you, they are ready to be passed directly to your accountant.

Collect monies owed

Alerts will automatically advise you of invoices due from agents and students plus the student arrivals list will give you the balances of incoming students.


Students, agents and housing partners can view their financial information with your school if you allow access.

Key Facts

  1. Alerts for overdue invoices.
  2. Easy receipt allocation.
  3. Variety of price lists.
  4. Produce finance reports

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