Prices and Free Trial

Free Trial of SchoolManager So confident are we that SchoolManager will meet your needs; we offer a three-month free trial at the start of your contract to allow you to get to know the system and to fully integrate it into your school. If you are dissatisfied in anyway with SchoolManager within the first three months of your contract you have the right to cancel your contract without giving a reason. No charges of any kind: training, data upload, school account set up etc., will be made for this trial period.

Pricing. The pricing of SchoolManager is designed, like the system, to be as simple and straightforward for users as possible. Charges are based on how many student weeks you teach in your school per year. A student who enrols in a course for two weeks would count as two student weeks. A student who enrols in your school for one week but attends two courses would also count as two student weeks. If a student takes a holiday while at your school and remains in the system there is no charge. The charge per student course study week is 0.15 GBP (fifteen pence which is approximately 18 euro cents). There is a minimum annual charge of 500 GBP. 

What’s included and what’s not. Creation of your school’s account, uploading data, ongoing online training and support are all included. Onsite training, if required, can be provided but at additional cost. Template creation for certificates, letters etc., to your specific design are not included but we can provide this service at an additional cost.

VAT  VAT is chargeable on the above if you are in the European Union.

Calculation of Number of Users. Once a year we look at the actual number of student weeks you have had in your school’s account within the previous twelve-month period and invoice you according to our scale of charges.

Payment Terms. After your free trial ends we ask for a deposit for the minimum fee ( 500 GBP or equivalent ) for the coming twelve months. At the end of the twelve months we calculate the number of students weeks your school has had and invoice you accordingly. The 500 GBP is retained as a deposit for the next twelve-month period. If you decide to end your contract the 500 GBP is returned to you minus any student weeks since you were last charged.

Contract Terms Our standard length of contract is one year. We will be happy to send you a copy of our standard terms and conditions on request.

Contract Currency Our prices are quoted in Sterling. If you are not in the UK we can convert the Sterling price into your local currency for the length of the contract to enable you to control your costs. Payment can be made in Sterling or Euros.

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