How SchoolManager can help your school.

SchoolManager has been developed over a number of years by working with school owners and administrators. We have systematically integrated solutions to their problems into SchoolManager and responded to their needs. This has helped develop a system that is reliable, easy to use and allows schools to do their work more easily, faster, and more efficiently. SchoolManager has been created to be able to suit a wide a range of school types as possible, yet to be tailored by each, and to do things which were not even imaginable in those schools before.


  • Manage Easily. Clash-free timetabling of Students, Classes, Teachers, Rooms,Materials & School calendar in one system.
  • Manage Professionally. Organize better, reduce administration, maximize your efficiency. Data is entered only once, centralised and shared.
  • Attract Students. A high quality value-added service to outshine competition.
  • Save Time.  Automate scheduling, record-keeping and reminders.
  • Improve Co-operation.  All types of users: academic, administration, management etc., can work together on the system using the same data.


Data Security.

The security of your data is our number one concern. SchoolManager is constantly backed up, encrypted and spread across more than one data centre; so you don’t need to worry about costly hardware, infrastructure up dates or security. 

Central Data Management

SchoolManager is the central contact point for all your school’s business information. Your employees can easily locate and access all required data and through sharing this information they can improve communication, teamwork and efficiency. You can also tightly control access rights to information within your school so users can only see the information they need.



Cloud Computing. 

SchoolManager is a Cloud – or web-based – service so all that you or your staff, students or providers need to access your school’s database in real-time at anytime from anywhere is a computer and an Internet connection.        workflow chart


Professional impression and improved customer service.

Give your students, hosts and agents access to SchoolManager so they can view their own booking data. Students can log in and get full details of their booking from their smart phones even before they arrive at your school.



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