Schools generate significant amounts of data but can often do nothing with it. Report often need to be put together manually and in a time consuming manner from various sources. SchoolManager puts you in a position where you can access this data and create a wide range sophisticated management reports covering all aspects of running your school. Some examples of reports:

  • British Council
  • EnglishUK
  • INIS
  • Deferred Income Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Student arrival and departure list
  • 12 week course projection
  • Student Absence
  • Travel documents
  • Combined finance reports on agents: sales, receipts.


For time critical items many of these reports appear on the dashboard to make sure that nothing is missed.

Key Facts

  1. Pre set reports.
  2. Centralised information storage.
  3. Alert reminders.
  4. Export to Excel.

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